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Status Quo Introduction
STATUS QUO Quo Cartoon

OK, where to start? Everything that can be written about Status Quo must already have been written. Over 110 million records sold, most appearances ever on "Top of the Pops", over 60 "hit" singles in the UK, one of the World's top live bands etc. Suffice to say that there is a lot for the collector too!

In fact, Quo are the band that started this site off, being the artist that I most passionately collect. I believe that this is one of the most complete Quo discographies anywhere with over 3300 items listed. As you can see there are a LOT of Quo items to collect! And no, I don't have them all.

Track listings are shown for pretty much all of Quo's albums and CDs including the numerous "budget compilations" which seem to spring up on a regular basis. You'll also find listings for promo items and a huge number of overseas releases - often with different sleeves and labels.

Please note that as with the rest of the site, cassettes and 8 track cartridges are not listed as they generally are of less interest to most collectors. Also any "home-made" CDRs or bootlegs which are not silver factory-pressed discs are excluded too.

People occasionally ask how they could start off a Quo collection, with so many releases available. I always think a good starting point is to try and collect the UK versions of their charting 7" singles (which is around 65 physical releases excluding label variations and promos). Most of these will be fairly affordable.

2015-2017 have bought a wealth of "new" Quo items to tempt the collector. From live concert CDs to album and single box set reissues, not to mention the vinyl releases of albums that were previously only on CD plus a campaign of CD deluxe double and treble editions, so you could easily spent a fortune if you were so inclined.

As we move into the 2020's the pace of releases and reissues continues, including semi official presses on vinyl and CD of various radio broadcasts - presumably as the copyright expires.

Thanks are due to the following people (some have great Quo sites of their own - check them out from the links page):- Eric Favé, Juergen, Terry Woudenberg, Martin Vestering for some rare picture sleeves, Garry Fielding, Lee Hawkins, Tim Langer and more recently Dave Mitchell, Kim Aakjaer, David Doy, Robert Gear, Glenn Bertilsson, Dale, Mark and Andre B. They have all provided invaluable information and material to this part of the site. If I've missed anyone and you want a credit or link to your site then please let me know.

Of course, despite my best efforts, there will always be missing items. If you know of them then please let me know!

If nothing else, for a band as popular with collectors as Status Quo, you can rest assured that a new compilation CD is only a month or 2 away at best!

Finally, a number of my spare Quo items are now "for sale" via my discogs page - see if they can help add to your collection.

And if you are interested, my relatively new companion site - (co-authored with Les Wainwright) goes into much more detail on the UK releases and variations showing high resolution sleeves, labels and stickers etc and is expanding month by month to other territories.

Here's a text link for all items by STATUS QUO, just in case the drop down menus don't work in your browser.