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Q1: Gold Stars embossed on Status Quo Albums

I have seen a number of UK Status Quo Vinyl Albums with Gold Stars embossed on the front cover. Usually this has been 2 in number, but I do have a recollection of seeing one star or three as well. Here is an example from the Just Supposin' LP:-

Quo - Just Supposin'

and the embossed gold stars close up:-

2 Gold Stars

My assumption as always been that these are some type of "promo" stamp. The label on the disc itself is standard with no sign of promo markings:-


So the questions are-

  • Are these indeed "promo" stamps on the sleeve?
  • Is there any significance in the number of "stars"?
  • What sort of volumes were these produced in?
  • Which records have you seen these on (especially artists featured on this site)?
  • Do readers thinks these add or detract from the value of the record?

Suggestions Provided So Far

"I have seen this on a number of reissues pressed in the 80's"

"I too always believed that these are promotional copies - perhaps for distribution to radio stations etc"

"I have heard it suggested that the stars indicate an 'end of run' in the factory for a particluar pressing - especially on 70's and 80's albums"

"Found this discussion online" - Gold Stars

Last update (22/05/2019)

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