Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The following books contain valuable information for Record & CD collectors and have been used to provide addition information on this site. Some of the books are quite old and I will be looking to update this page in the near future. In the meantime, you may find something useful on it.


Goldmine Price Guide To 45 rpm Records
Edited By Tim Neely - 2005 KP Books- ISBN 0-87349-840-2

Goldmine is pretty much the definitive collectors magazine in the US and they produce a number of decent, informative price guides. Although, by no means giving full discographies (Bryan Adam is not even listed!), this 5th edition gives a valuable insight into US items which many collector's on other continents may not even know existed. Expect to pay around $25 for a copy of this book.

UK readers will get a better deal from the UK Amazon site, which saves you on expensive postage from the US.


Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
Edited By Tim Neely - 2005 KP Books- ISBN t.b.a

The sister publication to the above guide and equally as informative. Like all price guides, the values given are subjective and you may or may no agree with some of them, but the book is nicely laid out and have some useful information. You'll need another $25 or so to get your mitts on this one.

Again, UK readers will get a better deal from the UK Amazon site, which saves you on expensive postage from the US.




Official Price Guide To Records
Jerry Osbourne - Official Books

Strictly speaking, this shouldn't be on a page entitled "recommended reading", as I have not read it!. I have second hand information that it may contain some useful information, although after my experience with the "Official" CD Guide (see below), I'm not certain I want to make an investment in this book without seeing it.

If anyone has a copy, please let me know what you think of it.

Official Price Guide To Compact Discs
Jerry Osbourne and Paul Bergquist - 1994  - ISBN 0-87637-923-4

"The only reference you'll ever need for collectible compact discs" claims the back cover. Complete nonsense, of course! Whilst containing information about a few (mainly promotional or radio show) items that I haven't seen listed elsewhere, this is ultimately a disappointing read for collectors of the artists on this site. If you're really into American rock 'n' pop then there may be more here for you. By now, I'd have though that a 2nd or even 3rd edition may be out - if so it will hopefully be more comprehensive. This first edition was $15 and the guide is A5 size.




Collectible Compact Disc Price Guide
By Gregory Cooper - 1993 CD Specialities - ISBN 1-883907-10-1

Another US guide, this one has a nice introduction, including the history of CDs, manufacturing techniques, packaging and cleaning tips etc. It is easy to read, nicely laid out, but basically missing lots of information. Catalogue numbers are not given for many items, even though UK and Japanese items are listed alongside the usual US ones. This first edition was $25 and this was in 1993. As the next edition is out, you may be able to pick this one up cheaply. See below for an updated version


Collectible Compact Disc Price Guide 2
Gregory Cooper  - Collectible Books 1998  - ISBN 0 89145-764-X

One of my favourites this one as a general guide. Nice photos, lots of information - so much better than the first edition (above). If you're buying this mail order be warned - it is heavy! Lovingly put together, there is a professional look and feel to this book. Information is plentiful (although the discographies are not complete [then again whose is?])  - I would actually rate this the best US guide so far. Well worth the $27. Next edition soon please!




MusicMaster Price Guide for Record Collectors 3
Edited by Nick Hamlyn - 1994  - ISBN 1-9045-2087-0

Let me first say that there are now more recent editions of this book available - I just don't have them. Nick Hamlyn is one of the most respected writers of price guides of this nature in the UK. Whilst a useful reference in itself, I just don't agree with many of the prices quoted (even at the time the book was published). Some are too high and some are way too low! They don't reflect what a collector would have to pay in the real world if he/she could find the items they are after. I would say, browse this book - look at the prices for the items you know the value of and make up your own mind. £16 approx if you think it's worth it.

Nicks most recent editions seem to pass under the name "The Penguin Price Guide for Record and CD Collectors" and I believe are up to edition 6 or 7.


MusicMaster Albums Record Catalogue - Edition 18
Published 1991  - ISBN 0 904520-65-X

Again, there must be more recent editions, but this one has disappeared over the years from the bookstores. No prices, but track listings for hundreds of thousands of LPs and CDs. One can only guess at how many hours it took to compile this book! Catalogue numbers are given in most cases. If you know the artist and song, this is the book to tell you where to find the track you are after.




Record Collector - Rare Record  Price Guide 2010
Record Collector - 2010 - ISBN 978-0-9532601-9-5

Despite the ridiculous "2010" date (it was published in September 2008) - this is the Bible of record collecting in the UK - there can't be a second hand music store in the country that doesn't have a copy of this guide behind the counter. The prices aren't always spot on (Mariah Carey collectors would be delighted to only have to pay the prices quoted here), but as a printed reference it hasn't yet been bettered. Bizarrely, in the most recent editions though, there are no entries at all for Bryan Adams or The Bangles, which seems like an oversight.

There are also Hardback versions available (at higher cost) of the last few issues and these guides themselves have become collectable. Do be warned though, that only UK releases are featured. Buy it!

Published price is £27.95

(Ten previous versions also available and are shown above)


The Complete Introduction To Record Collecting
Record Collector  - 1995  - ISBN 0 9515553 8 3

Undoubtedly the best introductory book I've seen to the addictive world of Record & CD collecting. Record Collector is the top collector's magazine the UK and the quality and enthusiasm translate well to this book. All terms are simply explained, the book is jammed full of photos of various rarities and the text is informative. Experienced collectors will find useful information here too (although, please note,  no discographies / listings). A must at around £15!




Guinness Book Of Hit Singles & Albums  - 17th Edition
Published 2004  - ISBN 0-85112-199-3

The 17th edition of the legendary guide to the British top 75 chart which is usually updated every two years. This year the previously separate top 100 "Hit Albums" guide has been combined into one volume. Every "hit" single or album is listed, together with catalogue numbers and chart positions. Not really a collector's guide then, but a valuable reference - essential for settling those "pub quiz" arguments and determining which other artists have covered songs. £18.99, and worth every penny.

This book is normally published annually, so look out for the latest edition. (Various previous editions are shown above).

UK Buyers looking to get this should check out their local branch of "Sussex Stationers/ British Bookshops " who invariably have this available with a heavy discount - usually around 40% off.


Rockers Rollin' The Story Of Status Quo
ISBN 1 898927 80 4

Tuned To The Music Of Status Quo
ISBN 1 898927 90 1

2 Essential books for fans of Status Quo, both by Dave Oxley. The first is a biography with a comprehensive discography at the back. This covers items outside the scope of this site, listing for example records by other artists played on by members of Quo before they joined the band.

The second is a song by song guide to every recording done by the band with a startling level of detail. This is a limited edition of 2000 copies and will undoubtedly become collectable itself!


Slade Record Guide

Slade - The Record Collection (The Slade Record Collectors Guide)
Published 1995 - Slade Fan Club

An invaluable guide for Slade fans when it came out. Published by the Slade Fan club, it provides a comprehensive list of Slade's many releases and a few photos. Compiled by Malcolm Skellington, it is only let down by the fact that the pages look photocopied and the proof-reading means that a number of the sections are actually printed twice!

Still, in pre-internet days this book was unique and this site calls upon a few references from these pages that I've been unable to find elsewhere.

[the book also covers chart positions, cassettes, 8 tracks etc which are beyond the scope of this site]