Readers Help Needed

Readers Help Needed

The readers of this site are typically keen record and CD collectors themselves. Many have been especially helpful if providing updates, corrections and scans to keep the site as complete as possible and their help is much appreciated.

Over the years of running this site, I have been asked a number of questions about the records on he site - some I could answer and some I could not. Combined with that, during my many years of collecting I have come across a few oddities that I have not been able to explain.

So, who better to ask than my knowledgable readers! Periodically I will be posting some questions that I would appreciate help answering. I will share the feedback and suggestions I get with you on the appropriate pages.

Index of Questions So Far

Q1: Gold Stars embossed on Status Quo Albums

Q2: Slade - My Friend Stan 7" - Where does it come from? - UPDATED with answer

Q3: Status Quo - The Price Of Love 7" - Is this a genuine picture sleeve?