Minor Variations

Minor Variations

MV2: Status Quo - Ice in The Sun - US Cadet Concept singles


The most commercially successful US releases for Quo were in the late sixties with Pictures of Matchstick Men (#12) and Ice In the Sun (#70) making it into the Billboard charts. As such, there were various first pressings run for these releases, resulting in some minor label variations on the Cadet Concept label (which was owner by Chess Records).

I have listed these all at similar values on the discography pages. Let me know if you think any are particularly worthy at being priced at a higher or lower rate than the others.

Company Sleeve

Version 1 - Discography Item 3000

Version 1

Thick font, title narrower than band name.

Version 2 - Discography Item 6811

Version 2

Thin font, title narrower than band name.

Version 3 - Discography Item 6981

Version 1

Thick font, title wider than band name. Other credits moved location.

Version 4 (Promo) - Discography Item 3001

Version 2

The promo version - just for comparison. Includes the words "DJ COPY" and "Plug Side".


Even more details (with 'B' side scans) are on my sister site here.

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If anyone has any other variations or observations then please contact me so that I can add to this page.

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