Minor Variations

Minor Variations

There are many types of record and CD collectors. Some collect a particular style of music or format. Others may choose to collect a particular label (e.g. all Vertigo releases). Most will target particular artists and whilst many will be happy to acquire as much of the recorded output as possible from that artist, some will want the records on different formats.

Then we move more into what some people call the "completists". They will look for multiple versions of an album or CD from different countries or on different labels. If you are a visitor to this site, then the chances are you may fall into this category.

This page goes one step further, highlighting the minor differences in some selected records even within the scope of artist/country/label/release. This could be as small as a publishing credit being changed, the typeface on the label being different or a logo moving from one side of the label to the other. To most, these will be pointless observations, but I know they matter to some so, for those, enjoy!

Index of Articles So Far

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MV5: Status Quo - PRT green/red label UK album reissues (coming soon!)