Minor Variations

Minor Variations

MV4: Status Quo - In The Army Now - UK singles


A number 2 hit for Quo in 1986. A cover of the song written by the South African-born Dutch duo Bolland & Bolland (and released by them in 1982), this marked the reformation of Status Quo post the "End of the Road" Tour (1984) and Live-Aid (1985). Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and Andy Bown were joined by John "Rhino" Edwards and Jeff Rich.

It appears that Vertigo had some difficulty getting the publishing credits right on the 'A' side - hence the large number of variants shown below.

As was common with most Quo singles, some were "dinked" (cut with a large centre) for use in jukeboxes. A collectible 7" Picture Disc was produced together with a limited edition double-pack. The initial single 7" single with the black and green label came in a thicker card sleeve that the subsequent re-pressings.

There is also a much sought-after standard pressing which came with a free iron-on patch.

Of the standard silver moulded labels, let me know if you think any are particularly worthy at being priced at a higher or lower rate than the others.

Company Sleeve

Version 1 - Discography Item 3027

Version 1

Disc One of Ltd Edition Doublepack. Beadle Music Ltd credit

Version 2 - Discography Item 9663

Version 2

Black Paper Label with green crossed guitars. Beadle Music Ltd credit

Version 3 - Discography Item 9664

Version 1

Blue/Silver label - noticeably bluer than the silver labels. Island Music Ltd / Nada credit W

Version 4 - Discography Item 9661

Version 2

Silver label. Island Music Ltd / Nada credit

Version 5 - Discography Item 9663

Version 1

Silver label. Beadle Music Ltd credit.

Version 6 - Discography Item 3026

Version 2

Silver label. Copyright Control credit.

Version 7 - Discography Item 8220

Version 1

Silver label - large centre for jukeboxes. Copyright Control credit.

Version 8 - Discography Item 3025

Version 1

Ltd Edition 7" Picture Disc


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