Minor Variations

Minor Variations

MV3: Slade - Get Down And Get With It - UK Singles

POLYDOR 2058-112

Slade's classic footstomper was released as a UK single in May 1971, peaking at #16 in the charts. A cover of a Little Richard song, the single was first released with the title "Get Down And Get With It" and credited the members of Slade alongside "Penniman" (Little Richard). In fact, the song has been written in 1965 by Bobby Marchan and so the next run of pressings correctly credited him as the writer and also corrected the song title to his preferred "Get Down With It". It also added the "Burlington Music" publishing credit. All pressings featured 2 songs on the 'B' Side.

As was common with singles of the time, many were "dinked" (cut with a large centre) for use in jukeboxes.

It seems the reissued shortened titles are slightly less common and the jukebox ones with large centres are often not in great condition. Let me know if you think any are particularly worthy at being priced at a higher or lower rate than the others.

Company Sleeve

Version 1 - Discography Item 2475

Version 1

Large Centre - (P) 1971 High and Central.

Version 2 - Discography Item 9155

Version 2

Large Centre - (P) 1971 High and Right.

Version 3 - Discography Item 9156

Version 1

Large Centre - (P) 1971 Low and Right. W

Version 4 - Discography Item 8165

Version 2

Push-Out centre.

Version 5 - Discography Item 7616

Version 1

Solid Centre.

Version 6 - Discography Item 7615

Version 2

Large Centre, paper label with corrected title and correct credits.

Version 7 - Discography Item 6981

Version 1

Solid black plastic centre, corrected title and correct credits.

Version 8 - Discography Item 9546

Version 1

Large centre - plastic label, corrected title and correct credits.


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