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Welcome to (previously, a source of invaluable reference to today's collector of popular music. Now over 24 years old, this is NOT a sales list, but full international discographies, picture sleeves, catalogue numbers, track listings, values etc. Artists featured are Status Quo, Bryan Adams, Mariah Carey, Thunder, Magnum, Belinda Carlisle, The Bangles, Slade, Georgia Satellites, Quireboys & T'Pau, plus related artists.

The artists featured just happen to be the ones I personally collect and have the most information about.

The purpose of this site is to provide a source of reference for Record and CD collectors by providing a comprehensive international discography for the artists listed. These pages are UK based, and thus valuations are given on the basis of a UK purchase and in £ sterling. Overseas visitors may therefore find their local releases over-valued and UK releases under-valued for their locale. The prices are given only as a guide for items in EXCELLENT condition - you may or may not be able to find places to purchase them at these values. Please note that many other price guides give values based on "Mint Condition". I feel it is unlikely that you'll be able to find many of the vinyl items on this site in absolutely mint condition, so a fairer guide is the "excellent" price, which collectors are more likely to find in shops or at on-line auctions. If an item is genuinely "mint", then you should look to add maybe 15% to the values shown (if it is only "Very Good", then you should take maybe 20% off).

Please also bear in mind I am not a record dealer - I don't have most of these items to sell !! Note: The site now contains over 10,500 Record & CD entries, most with images!

Spare Items

As mentioned above, most of the site is a discography and I don't have the items to sell. However there are a few that I do have a spare copy of and am willing to sell - there is a "for sale" page - on this are the ONLY items you can get from me for the artists featured above and a range of other artists. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, the number of these seems to be increasing! The good news is that many of these have recently been reduced in price.


You will find a link to other sites of interest here. If you administer any sites for the above artists (or general music collector's sites) then please email me with your URL and provide a link to this page. I will then try to link to your site in return.

Your Views

Thanks to those who have filled in the feedback page. Your comments have been most encouraging - let me know what you think about this site and what you want to see. Don't forget to check the FAQ before asking a question. Please don't ask me questions about artists not featured on this site - I won't be able to help you! The site will be updated regularly as there will undoubtedly always be omissions.

Your Help

The pages wouldn't be anywhere near as complete as they are without the help of the visitors to this site. At various stages in the discographies, you may find some missing information. Where this is the case, there will be a link on the right-hand side where you can send corrections and additions. If the item is a Japanese one, you will also have the option to submit an OBI scan to the site if one isn't already available for download. There is also the opportunity on the "Readers Help Needed" pages to help answer specific questions. Thanks to all of you who have submitted information over the years - your help is much appreciated.

Want More?

If you are a fan of Status Quo then you are in luck! In 2020 I started a collaboration with fellow collector, Les Wainwright. Together we have gone into much more depth on various elements of Quo releases and have produced discographies with detailed pictures, sleeves, labels, variations, commentary, reviews and adverts etc. Check out our ever expanding site at